Neseplastikk Omtale – November 23

Vi setter pris på våre flotte pasienter sine ord, her en tilbakemelding fra en pasient som har fått utført neseplastikk.

I’ve been bothered by my old nose since childhood and it had a significant impact on my self-esteem since then.
Every accidental glimpse of my reflection would instantly affect my mood.
After the surgery and now 3 months post-op, my nose appears incredibly natural, it compliments my facial features perfectly and there are no visible scars.
It’s as though I was born with it.
The healing process was surprisingly fast and nearly painless with no bruising.
While I initially pursued this surgery for aesthetic reasons, I found that I barely think about my appearance anymore. I can now carelessly enjoy my day without the constant worry about how I look.
It gave me that extra boost of confidence that I needed.
I’m incredibly grateful to my plastic surgeon for this life-changing transformation!

Dr. Kalaaji Hedersgjest i Belgrad

Dr. Kalaaji ble invitert som foredragsholder på det serbiske internasjonale plastikk- og estetisk kirurgi-møtet i oktober 2023. Her holdt han en vellykket presentasjon om «Mommy

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