Oslo Plastic Surgery

You will receive the highest quality treatment in plastic and cosmetic surgery.

Here you will be met by a team of specialists in their field. You get help and guidance from competent and skilled people who give you the care and support you need and require.


We perform most surgeries breast augmentation, breast lift, prosthesis removal, nipple insertion and breast reduction.


A butt lift, or Brazilian butt lift, as it is also called, is buttock augmentation with your own fat. It is also often referred to as the Brazilian buttock lift, BBL or buttock fat grafting.

If you are considering a buttock lift, you are welcome to contact us at Oslo Plastikkirurgi.

Fat grafting

With thousands of fat grafting procedures performed in our clinic, we have gathered our material and clinic experience in a newly published book.
Fat grafting can be performed from head to toe, both face and body - and is most commonly performed on the face, breasts and buttocks (BBL).

We are so proud and grateful to all our patients who gave us the honor and privilege of treating them and gathering this experience that we now share with colleagues around the world. See link

Intimate surgery

There is a growing desire among women to change their genitals. In the US and the UK, intimate surgery is the fastest growing type of plastic surgery.

We have extensive experience, skilled doctors and satisfied patients.


Facelifts, forehead lifts, thread lifts and chin augmentation - Oslo Plastic Surgery performs several different treatments.