Klinikkens overlege har blitt invitert som gjesteforeleser for å presentere Oslo Plastikkirurgis resultater med «Aesthetic breast enlargement using autologous fat transfer: Can it challenge breast implants?» Marrakech World Aesthetic Congress on November 8 & 9, 2013.

Fat grafting has been a well­known clinical method for reconstruction of small defects and recently applied in face, breast reconstruction and breast augmentation as an alternative to breast implants.

Oslo Plastikkirurgi Clinic has since 2008 carried out 49 breast enlargements (in 43 patients) with fat grafting to treat hypoplasia mammae, asymmetry, in combination with other procedures like abdominoplasty and with mastopexy. The patients had to fulfill five criteria to become a candidate for surgery: no wish to use of foreign objects, existing fat to be corrected ­ not just a donor site, a realistic expectation of volume increase of breasts, no breast cancer history and agreement about radiographic follow up.

The fat was machine­centrifuged for three minutes in one group (28 enlargements) and a manual centrifuge was used in another group of patients (21 enlargements). Fat was usually harvested from abdomen, thigh, buttocks or knee and was grafted in intersecting and parallel canals through small incisions

Roma Calling! Juni 2023

Det var en stor ære at vår overlege Dr. Kalaaji ble invitert til fakultetet til det 12. møtet for regenerativ kirurgi konferanse i Roma. Her

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